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What's something about your city that most people don't know?


What do people say to each other in your city when they want to be really rude?

Arts & Culture

What was the last live show you went to? What was the atmosphere like?

Food & Eating

What the tastiest kind of street-food in your city? What do you love to eat on the go?


When did a local sports team last win something big? What happened that night?


What political issue is affecting your city right now? How do you feel about it?

City Histories

Are there any superstitions, ghost stories or urban legends about your city?

Getting Around

What's the worst way to travel in your city? What do you avoid at all costs?

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  4. Tell us a fib - something made up - invented - about your city. Choose something that sounds like it might be true.
  5. Can you say whether it was a fib or a fact, and why? We know it's a fib, but this is an explanation that'll be played for listeners.

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